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Dance Studio for kids Calgary

Are you looking for group dance lessons for kids in Calgary? If yes, there is no better destination than Calgary Stars Dance Studio. We offer dance classes to kids of all ages and levels at our studio in Calgary. Our qualified instructors are passionate about getting children excited about dance and learning from them. We also have a number of fun activities that will help kids get fit while learning exciting new moves & steps. Moreover, our group dance lessons for kids in Calgary are designed to develop your child into an enthusiastic and confident dancer.  

Secondly, we use a wide range of styles and dances, which allows a child to choose what they would like to focus on. Whether it’s contemporary, ballet, jazz or hip hop they can learn different styles and then decide what they enjoy the most. It is never too early (or too late) to start our dance lessons, so come in today! Get in touch with us now to enroll your child for group dance lessons for kids in Calgary today! 

Classes For Kids Of Any Ages 

Dance is a form of art that opens the mind to new possibilities in creativity and imagination. Our dance studio helps children develop self-confidence, confidence in their bodies, and discipline. Through our classes for kids of any ages, we help children learn about dance styles, posture, and technique. Our group dance lessons for kids in Calgary are suitable for ages 5-7 years old or with any amount of experience. Moreover, our goal is to nurture your child’s interest in dancing and help them grow as a well-rounded dancer. 

Further, group dance lessons for kids in Calgary are not just about having fun. They can promote creative expression, build a stronger peer group, and can even be a fun way to get exercise! With the help of our talented teachers, kids have a great time and learn the art of dance form. Whether your child is curious about dancing, or they want to dance competitively, our professional dance teachers are here to help. That is to say, come in today and try the first class for no cost! 

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Professional Dance choreography 

Trying to find dance lessons for kids in Calgary that are both fun and professional? These are the kind of dance moves you can use for auditions, competitions, and even performances. That is what we are here for at Calgary Stars Dance Studio. Our group dance lessons for kids teach professional dance styles – from Latin dancing to Ballroom dancing and more. We strive to make our group lessons a fun environment where kids do not feel intimidated. But instead want to get out there and move as best as they can! 

Further, our instructors are professional dancers with years of experience and can teach them to be the best. From age five to seven, we aim to bring out the best in our students through our professional dance choreography. And provide them with the support they need to grow as dancers. At Calgary Stars Dance Studio, our classes provide students with a positive learning environment to improve their skills. Moreover, we encourage our students to delve deeper into their passion for dancing. 

Competitive Level 

Are you looking for competitive level dance lessons for kids in Calgary? If so, then you have come to the right place. Our teachers are here to help your kids improve their skills and will work with them on learning competitive level steps. Offering a variety of styles from group ballet lessons to tap dance classes and more, we are here to assist. We are a complete dance studio teaching kids both recreational and competitive dance. Moreover, our dance instructors have an international background in dancing and have competed in various competitions in the past. 

Yes, learning to dance is great for kids as they learn confidence, self-discipline, responsibility, and coordination. Our group dance lessons for kids in Calgary help them learn through repetition with our qualified teachers and at their own pace. We also host recitals and competitions for our children. Moreover, we want to make your child’s passion for dance a reality. Contact us today and begin your journey with us to become a better dancer!