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Your First Wedding Dance

We will choreograph the perfect first dance for the most memorable day of your life.


A Wedding Dance Experience

The First Wedding Dance is one of the most celebratory moments in the life for the bride and groom. At CalgaryStars, we know how special your first dance as a married couple is. We can make sure you are prepared for this unforgettable moment with a wedding dance routine designed just for you. Even if you have never danced before, we can customize a memorable and impressive routine to the song that you have chosen. Let us make your first dance special and fun!


Wedding Dance Questions

How many lessons will it take to learn a wedding dance?

This is highly variable. The number of lessons will depend on:

1) How much time you will have to practice on your own.
2) How complicated or intricate you envision your showcase dance to be.
3) How quickly you are able to feel comfortable with the dance steps.

Some wedding couples decide to have a few extra lessons just before their wedding day. Others are fine with weekly lessons and feel ready to go when the day arrives.

Wedding Dance Crash Course (4 Lessons)

Make a Magic Moment (8 Lessons)

Rock the Reception (12 Lessons)

How often should we come to wedding dance classes?

The fewer breaks between dance lessons you have, the less the lesson will be dedicated to reviewing material and the more the lesson can focus on creating new choreography and working on your technique and understanding.

On average couples tend to take one lesson a week, depending on how much time they have before their wedding. This doesn’t leave a big enough gap to forget what was learned during the lesson as well as more than enough time to practice on their own.

When is the best time to prepare our wedding first dance?

To avoid feeling rushed before the big day, it’s best to plan your wedding dance lessons about three months in advance. Some couple like to start even earlier to master more difficult routines.


I feel comfortable learning to dance, but my fiancé/fiancée is less certain. Will we be able to learn something in spite of the differences in our confidence levels or abilities?

We make absolutely certain the lessons for your wedding first dance are enjoyable and without any unrealistic expectations. We are experienced in creating wedding dance choreography that is suitable for both you and your partner. You will take pride in the dance you learn and will want to show it off to your guests!

Mariia Milat Instructor



Wedding Dance Crash Course 

Make a Magic Moment 

Rock the Reception 


Prices are the total for a couple

Single Lesson $85  


A deposit of $50 is required to book a time/date

24 hours cancellation notice required

5 Lessons   $400        $80 per lesson 
8 Lessons   $560          $70 per lesson
12 Lessons $792          $66 per lesson 


Private lesson 50 min

deposit not refundable

Wedding Dance Couple Lessons
Wedding Dance Lessons 1
Wedding Dance Lessons 2
Wedding Dance Lessons 3
Wedding Dance Lessons 4
Wedding Dance Lessons 5
Wedding Dance Lessons 6
Wedding Dance Lessons 7
Wedding Dance Lessons 8



Instructor, Choreographer

     Mariia is a Professional Ballroom and Latin dancer and instructor. Originally from Kharkiv, Ukraine where she started dancing when she was 6 years old.

   She earned a Master’s Degree Diploma in Olympic and Professional Sports with a major specialization in Sport Dancing and Art. In her professional competitive career Maria has taken part and been a prize winner of many prestigious dance competitions and world class festivals. The most recent ones were: Rocky Mountain Open Professional Championship 2016 (Calgary, Canada), California Star Ball 2016 (Los Angeles, USA), Holiday Classic 2016 (Las Vegas, USA).

     Mariia has been teaching lessons for over 13 years in ballroom, latin and modern dances styles. Mariia easily fosters positive relationships with people and she is very sociable, hardworking, energetic and totally devoted to her work. She has taught children as young as 4 years old and judged many international competitions in Ukraine and Russia, for both youth and adults. Mariia has developed a large number of dancers who achieved excellent results with many finalists and winners of international competitions including children’s creativity competitions and show programs. In Europe, Mariia is recognized as one of the top instructors and competitors in ballroom and latin dance. She continues to compete and instruct out of Calgary. 


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